Kellie Neuhaus

Managing Director

Kellie Neuhaus has over 13 years experience in delivering tax and financial advisory services to high net worth individuals, their families, and their related entities. Her practice focuses on addressing income tax compliance and consulting for individuals, fiduciaries, partnerships, and private foundations as well as providing multi generational wealth transfer planning services. Kellie serves a variety of clients, including venture capitalists, corporate executives, entrepreneurs at various stages of business development, and sophisticated families with multi-generational wealth.

Kellie serves as a member of the Andersen Tax National Training Committee and the Andersen Tax Excellence Task Force while also serving as Boston’s Local Office Training Coordinator. In past years she has been a member of the Go File Room Execution Team and Andersen Tax Compliance Efficiency Task Force.

Before joining Andersen Tax just months after its inception, Kellie spent four years at KPMG in their assurance practice.