Press Room: Tax Release

October 31, 2012

Paying Too Much Virginia BPOL Tax?

Virginia’s gross receipts tax, Business, Professional and Occupational License tax or “BPOL tax” as it is commonly referred to, appears on its face to be straight forward. However, because of its deceiving simplicity, many companies do not take advantage of sourcing methodologies, exemptions, exclusions and rate classifications to achieve reduced tax liabilities. If you are using state income tax apportionment factors as the basis to calculate taxable gross receipts, you could be overpaying your BPOL tax.

The Virginia BPOL statute of limitations for refunds is three years from the last day of the tax year (currently tax year 2009). Therefore, now is the perfect time to review prior year BPOL returns for refund opportunities.

WTAS state and local tax professionals have extensive experience with gross receipts taxes, including Virginia’s BPOL tax. We have excellent working relationships with both state and local tax assessors in Virginia and have received numerous successful decisions on appeals filed on behalf of our clients on both the state and local level.