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October 16, 2014

Swiss Government Publishes 2015 Tax Plan

Prime Tax, a member of the Andersen family in Switzerland, has written a summary of the more important features of the Swiss federal council initiated consultation process for the upcoming Corporate Tax Reform III (“Vernehmlassung”) that aims to support Switzerland’s competitiveness in the changing international tax environment, especially among the OECD countries. 

  1. Patent Box – Special lower cantonal tax rates for certain IP income.
  2. Interest on Additional Equity – Deemed interest deduction on excess core equity.
  3. Step-up Mechanism – Companies moving to Switzerland will get a step-up in the basis of their assets.
  4. Loss Carry-Forward – Unlimited carry-forward period by limited in any year to 80% of current year income.
  5. Participation Exemption – Enhance the exemption so that loss carry-forwards are persevered.
  6. Implementation – likely not sooner than January 2018.
  7. Conclusions – This is in overall response to EU and OECD pressures and is also intended to make Switzerland more competitive.

Your Swiss business may want to evaluate the impact of these proposals. Click here to read the Prime Tax summary. If you have questions, contact your Andersen Tax engagement team or the Prime Tax authors, Stefan Widmer (Tel: +41 58 252 22 50), Kerstin Heidrich (Tel: +41 58 252 22 04), and Patrick Scherrer (Tel: +41 58 252 22 21).

Prime Tax is an international tax consulting firm with offices in Zurich, Zug, Bern and Stans. To learn more about Prime Tax click here.