Q4 2017 Newsletter


Securing Personal Assets in Today’s Hi-Tech World

On September 7, 2017, Equifax announced a cybersecurity incident, or cyber hack, that could potentially impact approximately 143 million people. ... read more


Founders and Execs Part 2: Tips for Negotiating Tax Effective Executive Equity Compensation Packages

Following-up on For the Record: Founders and Exec’s Beware Part 1: The Options for Options Costly Tax Trap, this article will focus on the practical approaches for negotiating and understanding equity-based components of key executive compensation in the context of a company whose value (perhaps despite being relatively new) is high.... read more


How to Avoid Underinsurance and Reduce the Economic Impacts of a Natural Disaster

Over the past few months, we have witnessed the devastation of communities from hurricanes along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, earthquakes in Mexico and fires in Northern California’s wine country. ... read more


Trump Tax Reform: Capitalizing on Anticipated Tax Reductions

If Republican tax reform efforts are ultimately successful, a 20% tax rate for C corporations and a 25% tax rate for small and family-owned pass-through businesses could be effective as early as 2018. ... read more


Taxachusetts Welcomes You!

Over this past summer, while many were enjoying the sun and warm weather, the Massachusetts State Legislature voted to move the Fair Share Amendment, commonly known as the Millionaire’s Tax, to a popular ballot vote in November of 2018. ... read more





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