Real Estate Services

Andersen Tax professionals provide a full range of tax compliance and consulting services. Our clients include individuals and entities in the real estate industry as well as those individuals and entities in other industries that own or occupy real estate. Our professionals have experience in the acquisition, operation and disposition of real estate investments in a tax efficient manner.

Andersen Tax has highly qualified real estate tax specialists that understand the business needs of our clients as well as the tax law. We provide a full range of tax consulting and tax preparation services. We take a proactive approach to each of our client’s needs and problems.

Our services include:

Acquisition of Real Estate

Andersen Tax can assist you with implementing tax efficient structures to hold real estate, including partnerships, limited liability companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other entities. Our professionals review and analyze partnership agreements to ensure compliance with tax rules and consistency with the economics associated with the transaction. We also perform financial analyses of business and tax structuring alternatives, acquisition due diligence and purchase price allocations.

Disposition of Real Estate

Andersen Tax will assist you with tax deferral techniques such as like-kind exchanges and reverse like-kind exchanges. We can also work with you to improve capital gains on the disposition of your assets.

Services for Foreign Investors

Our experienced teams can assist with tax structuring for foreign investors in U.S. real property including structuring for dispositions and repatriation of earnings in a tax efficient manner. Our professionals understand that for foreign individuals an important part of meeting investment goals is reducing U.S. estate tax exposure and U.S. tax reporting.

Tax Planning for Tax-Exempt Investors

Andersen Tax tax professionals have substantial experience dealing with real estate opportunity funds with tax-exempt investors as well as working directly with tax-exempt investors. Andersen Tax can assist you with a variety of issues related to the necessary tax planning for tax-exempt investors including reducing unrelated business taxable income and ensuring compliance with the “fractions rule."

Tax Planning for Individual Investors

Andersen Tax has experience with wealth transfer planning, planning for charitable contributions of appreciated real property and passive activity loss limitation planning. We deliver results for our clients and have the depth of knowledge necessary to address the unique needs of our clients.

Tax Compliance Services

Andersen Tax has highly qualified real estate tax professionals that have experience assisting clients with:

  • Preparing or reviewing federal as well as state and local income tax filings in addition to preparing withholding tax forms and exemption forms
  • Establishing proper tax capitalization policies for fixed asset additions
  • Representing clients upon audit by federal, state or local authorities
  • Preparing quarterly and annual REIT qualification tests and calculating taxable income
  • Preparing tax provisions under FASB ASC 740 (Accounting for Income Taxes)

Investment in Targeted Real Estate-Related Tax Incentives

Andersen Tax has experience assisting client investors in analyzing investments in low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) projects and rehabilitation tax credit projects, both in terms of reviewing the financial and tax models and the substantive structural tax issues that support the allocation of the LIHTC or rehabilitation tax credit to investors.