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May 30, 2013

Amon & Chubb to Speak at Accounting for Income Taxes

Networking Seminars Inc. organizes educational seminars and networking events to enhance professional careers and build business relationships. They offer cutting edge information and bring together an international community of industry professionals to cultivate new business ideas and build business relationships.

Bill Amon and Chuck Chubb will be speaking at the Accounting for Income Taxes presentation hosted by Networking Seminars on June 10th & 11th, 2013. The event will take place at the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica. Amon and Chubb will be presenting Business Combinations and Intercompany Transactions from 9:00-10:00AM on Tuesday, June 11th.

Chuck Chubb is the WTAS National Practice Leader for ASC 740 Services and has over 30 years of experience advising a broad range of clients on accounting for income taxes and US Federal, State and International tax technical issues.

Bill Amon has over 30 years of experience in corporate and international taxation. He advises corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies on a broad variety of business and tax matters

June 10 &11
Santa Monica, CA