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August 09, 2016

Duffy Receives the Tax Adviser 2015 Best Article Award

Mary Duffy, an accounting methods expert in the Andersen Tax US National Tax Office, along with Kate Abdoo, J.D., LL.M. at GE, and Jane Rohrs, CPA of Deloitte Tax LLP, were recently named as winner's of The Tax Adviser's 2015 Best Article Award for "What Taxpayers Need to Know to Comply With the Final Tangible Property Regulations". The article appeared in the April 2015 issue and was selected for its usefulness, practicality, and readability by The Tax Adviser's Editorial Advisory Board from among the articles published in The Tax Adviser from January through December 2015.

Mary Duffy is the co-leader of Andersen Tax’s accounting methods team. Her experience includes advising clients on complex tax accounting methods issues. Her knowledge, gained through years practicing before IRS National Office and handling accounting method change and ruling requests, has made her a sought after speaker on tax policy and legislative matters. Mary also works with businesses of all sizes and structures, including managing accounting methods implementation projects, advising on issues arising in IRS examinations, and consulting on the financial statement implications of such issues under Accounting Standards Codification 740.

Mary is a member of Andersen Tax's US National Tax, a team of experts in various areas of tax that frequently speak at national forums and author articles for international publications.  

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