Press Room: Tax Release

September 26, 2014

Dutch Government Publishes 2015 Tax Plan

Taxperience, a member of the Andersen Tax family in the Netherlands, has written a summary of the main proposals of the 2015 Dutch Budget Tax Plan and additional legislative proposals published by the Dutch government on September 16, 2014. Among the changes proposed are measures affecting businesses and employers as well as proposals concerning vehicles, financial planning, and tax credits.  These proposals will take effect beginning January 1, 2015, except where stated otherwise.

Proposals for businesses include:

  • New income tax rates
  • Lower budget for Research & Development Allowance (RDA)
  • Foreign fines not deductible
  • Provisions regarding reasonable compensation for executives and business owners
  • Competition from government owned businesses
  • Until July 1, 2015 a 6% VAT on renovation and repair

Proposals for employers include:

  • Employed person’s tax credit amended
  • Budget for R&D rebate the same
  • Life-course (retirement) savings
  • Work-related expenses scheme (WKR) obligatory with effect from 2015

Proposals concerning vehicles:

  • Valuation report no longer required for importing cars
  • Hummers and like vehicles will be more expensive with effect from 2016
  • More changes on the way

Other proposals:

  • Lower tax for energy generated from sustainable sources
  • Banks authorized to check BSN
  • Broader scheme of tax-refund interest
  • Tax system revision

Your Dutch business may want to evaluate the impact of these proposals. Click here to read the Taxperience summary. If you have questions, contact your Andersen Tax engagement team or the Taxperience authors, Ruben van Aarle and Sam Abbing (Tel: +31 (0) 20 70 09 240).

Taxperience is an international tax consulting firm with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. To learn more about Taxperience, visit