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October 31, 2012

Fiore and Gornbein to Speak on Tax Implications of Same-Sex Marriage

Last February, President Obama, in a striking legal and political shift, determined that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) -- the 1996 law that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage -- is unconstitutional, and directed the Justice Department to cease defending the law in court. In June, New York State lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage. During the last three months, DOMA was found unconstitutional in two court cases. These cases will be appealed to the Supreme Court. What if DOMA is overturned?

Meanwhile, how does legalization affect estate planning -- pre-nups, wills, property ownership, healthcare proxies, pensions?

What are the tax implications -- joint returns, taxable benefits, income and estate taxes, medical insurance?

What tax benefits might you gain from a New York marriage? What tax benefits are you denied?

If you file as married, will you pay more? How can you protect each other if you choose not to marry?

WTAS Managing Director, Carl C. Fiore, and WTAS Senior Manager, Rebecca M. Gornbein, will answer these questions and more.

November 8, 2012
New York, NY

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