Press Room

February 16, 2017

From Mexico: New Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) Regulations

Andersen Tax & Legal, the Mexican Member Firm of Andersen Global

If you have any clients with manufacturing operations in Mexico through a related party, new APA regulations have been published by the tax authorities. Among others, a new maquiladora classification has been issued (either labor or capital intensive) as well as an alternative to fix a mark-up based on its industry (electronic, automotive, etc.). What stands out the most is the allowance to obtain an APA under a fast track procedure; in any case, maquiladoras may choose between the safe harbor procedure or regular APA procedure. Finally, it is important to consider that APA current regulations allow taxpayers to ask for a mark-up approval up to a four-year period.

Opportunities to Obtain Benefits on R&D Investments

If you have any clients planning to invest on R&D, the Mexican Congress has reintroduced a benefit on said expenses, consisting of a tax credit equivalent to a 30% of the R&D investments done in Mexico. This credit is applicable against Income Tax computed on the same fiscal year. Taxpayers shall request for the authorization as well as comply with certain obligations.

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