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August 28, 2015

Handa and Thornson to Present on Valuation Matters in Tax Planning

The Institute for Private Investors (IPI) provides innovative educational and networking resources to families with substantial assets and their advisors. IPI seeks to change the way investors work with advisors, and advisors work with investors, for the benefit of both. This year’s San Francisco fall forum will be held November 4-5, 2015.

Kurtis Handa and Ray Thornson will jointly present, 1 + 1 = ? : Understanding the Art and Science of Valuation Matters in Tax Planning. The discussion will center on fair market value, a term on which many tax planning strategies rely yet can often be subject to debate between various parties. Whether valuing a charitable donation or an interest in a closely held entity, it is important to understand how a professional appraiser arrives at the “fair market value” amount. Topics will cover:

  • Discussion of various income tax and estate planning strategies that are impacted by the valuation process
  • Guidance from a professional appraiser on the key factors to determining “fair market value”
  • Other planning matters

Kurtis Handa is a member of the Valuation Services Group at Andersen Tax. His experience includes the valuation of closely held businesses, business interests, intangible assets, intellectual property, profits interests, debt, derivatives (including stock options and option-embedded securities), and tangible assets. These engagements span a variety of purposes, including financial reporting, tax planning and reporting, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, bankruptcy, litigation support, and strategic planning.

Ray Thornson has over 20 years of experience in tax practice working primarily with high net worth individuals and closely held businesses and advises on matters related to income tax planning and compliance, estate planning and charitable giving. He serves a variety of clients ranging from large family groups with family offices to entrepreneurs building their wealth. Ray also collaborates closely with clients’ attorneys and investment advisers to help clients optimize their financial and tax planning results.


November 4-5, 2015
San Francisco, CA

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