Press Room

June 21, 2012

Metcircle: Tax Planning - Regardless of Who Gets Elected

Metcircle is a networking organization founded in 1991 for ultra high net worth families. Based in New York City, the group has approximately 100 member families, located primarily in the New York metropolitan area but also in Florida, Illinois, Texas and around the world. Recently, Metcircle formed subgroups in Chicago, Los Angeles and Metcircle South in Washington, D.C.

 On July 25, Metcircle will host WTAS Managing Director, Carl Fiore and WTAS Senior Manager, Rebecca Gornbein. This practical workshop will discuss some necessary tax planning, regardless of what happens in the November elections. There are just a few months left to take advantage of the $5 million gift tax exemption, $10 million jointly, which, absent legislative change, are set to  expire at the end of this year.  Fiore will touch on other topics including installment sales and GRATS, which despite all the expert predictions, have remained untouched.  Although the opportunity to capture depressed stock and real estate values that existed in 2009 may have passed, interest rates remain historically low making the hurdle return on these transaction very attractive.