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January 26, 2015

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Interviews Toce

MCC interviews Joseph P. Toce, Jr., a board member of Andersen Global, a Swiss verein, and regional managing director for the Eastern Region of Andersen Tax, the founding member firm of Andersen Global.

MCC: Joe, thank you for arranging to have your partners available to discuss the services they can provide to in-house counsel in Europe. In the U.S., Andersen Tax provides tax consultation, tax advisory and valuation services. What is different in Europe?

Toce: In Europe it is very common for firms to provide legal as well as tax services. As Andersen Global expanded into Europe, many of the firms that wished to join us offered both. In the U.S. we will definitely not expand into legal services, but in Europe we can provide a variety of legal services not only to in-house counsel but also to U.S. law firms that do not have a presence in a particular country.

MCC: So Andersen Global’s model will be attractive to a company that does not have the scale to support in-house counsel in a particular country?

Toce: Correct. That is one of our main focuses. The large global law firms can easily handle cross-border mergers and acquisitions, securities transactions, capital markets support, litigation and other matters. Our focus is on day-to-day legal matters so as to allow our clients to be in compliance without having to establish large internal legal departments in each country.

MCC: In what countries does Andersen Global have legal practices? Can you describe the services provided?

Toce: Andersen Global currently has member firms practicing law in Germany, France, Italy and Poland. I will have partners from each country describe their offerings. First will be Alessio Rossi and Peter Klein representing our German partners. Their firm is Alegis and has offices in Dusseldorf, Luxembourg and Merzig.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
January 2015 Issue
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