Press Room: Tax Release

May 24, 2010

New State & Local Tax Savings Opportunity: Michigan Tax Law

The Opportunity
Retail taxpayers have been challenged with understanding the unique complexities of newly-enacted Michigan tax laws, and might not be maximizing their tax savings opportunities.  If you filed a Michigan Gross Receipts Tax return in 2008 or 2009, you may have paid too much tax.

When Should You Act on this Opportunity?
It is not too late to reduce your Michigan tax liability, if you act now to reassess your tax computations. Refunds may be obtained even if you have already filed your 2008 return.

What Makes WTAS The Best Choice for Your Firm?
WTAS State and Local Tax professionals have focused on understanding the complexities and applications of certain obscure and easily overlooked exclusions and deductions. We have a proven track record finding Michigan tax savings for retailers. At no cost, WTAS professionals can initially review your tax returns and underlying computations to assist you in determining whether tax savings might be available to you.