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February 12, 2013

Schneidman & Spiegelman to Speak at FRA Private Investment Funds Tax Master Class

Financial Research Associates provides the financial community with access to business information and networking opportunities. Offering highly targeted conferences, FRA is a preferred resource for executives and managers seeking cutting-edge information on the next wave of business opportunities.

The fourth Annual Private Investment Funds Tax Master Class features two programs, Tax Practices for Private Equity Funds and Effective Hedge Fund Tax Practices. Together, these concurrent agendas give attendees the benefit of mixing and matching sessions that will paint in-depth overviews of the ever-changing tax landscape.

WTAS Managing Directors, Len Schneidman and Christopher Spiegelman will take part in panel discussions during the Private Equity track.

Len’s panel, Tax Considerations for Foreign Investors and Investments Coming into the U.S., discusses the best ways to structure around ECI/UBTI, reporting/withholding issues for foreign partners and sovereign wealth funds.

In addition, Len is moderating Source Country Tax Developments, part of the International Tax Setting on ‘Outbound’ Investments section.

Chris will be on the panel for Private Equity Tax Compliance and Reporting to discuss FIN 48 updates, best LP reporting practices and changes in tax rates affecting the private equity sector in addition to tax compliance best practices and updates.

The conference will take place May 16 and 17, 2013 at the Princeton Club in New York City. For further details, please visit