Press Room: Tax Reform

February 22, 2010

State Tax Impact of Widening State Budget Gaps

With the economy in one of the worst downturns in history, state governments have begun to face the stark realities of the recession. Most states have seen unprecedented unemployment and unemployment claims draining  Read More

March 28, 2010

If you’re wealthy, get ready to pay: Tax policy shift will boost coverage

While new taxes won’t be effecting four out of five Americans, wealthy individuals will definitely notice a change. Intended to fund health care overhaul and cut the deficit, Andersen Tax&rsquo  Read More

May 20, 2010

Additional Hospital Tax-Exempt Status Requirements Effective Soon

Section 9007 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Act), signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010, includes specific requirements for hospitals to receive and maintain Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3)  Read More

May 20, 2010

2009 Tax Law in Review

We have long had death and taxes as the two standards of inevitability. But there are those who believe that death is the preferable of the two. “At least,” as one  Read More

December 17, 2010

Tax Planning in Uncertain Times

As another tax year nears closure, WTAS reminds our clients of year-end tax savings strategies. Most often, the techniques we discuss are some variation on two common themes: (1) the acceleration of deductions and  Read More

December 17, 2010

2010 State and Local Tax Legislative Update

With the close of the 2010 calendar year approaching, states are still looking for ways to minimize budget deficits. What measures did states take during 2010 to close their budget gaps and what can taxpayers  Read More

December 17, 2010

Cutting Through the Hype: What You Really Need to Know About the Bush-era Tax Cuts

Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Well, Mr. Franklin, that is no longer entirely true. With the impending expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts and a Congress full of “lame  Read More

April 26, 2011

Pepin to Speak on New Tax Provisions & Economic Incentives in 2011

May 24, 2011 — The administration has made many attempts to revive a struggling economy and improve the employment outlook. Recently enacted provisions such as the HIRE Act have largely not stimulated the market enough  Read More

October 04, 2011

Let’s Make a Debt Deal!

On August 2, 2011, President Obama signed The Budget Control Act of 2011 (the Act) into law ending a political drama over an increase in the federal debt ceiling, at least for the moment. While the  Read More

June 26, 2013

NTO Roadshow: Chicago – “Tax Issues Affecting You”

Members of the WTAS National Tax Office including, Andrew Bernard, Chuck Chubb, Tom Cryan, Ellen MacNeil and Dennis Minich will be presenting at a Roundtable Discussion hosted by the WTAS Chicago office. The  Read More

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