Press Room: Tax Release

March 07, 2013

Now is the Time to Review Your Business Personal Property Taxes

When was the last time you took a serious look at what you are filing for personal property tax purposes?  This often overlooked area of taxation can generate potential refunds or tax savings.  Each taxing jurisdiction can differ in its taxation of business personal property which often results in disparate tax treatment and overpayment by taxpayers. 

Personal property tax returns are typically due each year between February and June depending upon each jurisdiction’s filing deadlines.  Therefore, this is the ideal time to review your fixed assets and personal property tax positions so that you can take advantage of any immediate tax savings when you file your 2013 business personal property tax returns.  Prior year returns should also be reviewed for potential refunds.

WTAS state and local tax professionals have extensive experience with personal property taxes.  We have excellent working relationships with both state and local tax assessors and have received numerous successful decisions on appeals filed on behalf of our clients on both the state and local level.