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January 06, 2014

WTAS Promoted a Total of 60 Employees this January

WTAS, one of the largest independent tax firms in the world, promoted a total of 60 employees this January including five Managing Directors, nine Directors, 12 Senior Managers, 11 Managers and 23 Senior Associates.

In the Boston Office, Chris Jones has been promoted to Director in the Valuation Services Practice while Mathew Canapari was promoted to Senior Manager in the tax practice. For more information on WTAS Boston promotions, please click here.

Chicago promoted a total of six including Rosa De Luna-Frede to Director in the Commercial Services practice; Grace Park to Senior Manager; Carolyn Kahn to Manager; and Tom Herr, Conor LeFevour, and Jessica Lee to Senior Associate.  For more information on WTAS Chicago promotions, please click here.

Los Angeles added Eric Garfield to its team of 14 Managing Directors. Eric is a member of the Valuation Services Practice with particular expertise in the field of commercial real estate. Additional promotions include a Manager: Haroon Riaz and four Senior Associates: Andrew Beshay, Paul Blinder, Ken Lorenzo, and Nicolas Ruben-Askelid. For more information on WTAS Los Angeles promotions, please click here.

WTAS promoted 17 in New York including two to Managing Directors, Stephanie Pervez and Alison Andersen. Both are members of the firm’s Private Client Services Practice and are based in WTAS’ Manhattan office. Other promotions in the New York metro offices include Senior Managers James Sullivan and Siobhan Foley; Managers Chelsea Karten, Samantha Leiter and Christie Lee; and Senior Associates Aubrey Desguin, Jacqueline Goggins, Ashley Rasley, Jolene Hoffman, Shep Halsey, Tina Tsao, Jin Lin, Ron Adams and Samantha Silver. For more information on WTAS New York Metro promotions, please click here.

The San Francisco office promoted Jackie Orea to its team of 19 Managing Directors. Jackie Orea joined WTAS in 2006 as a Manager in the State and Local Tax Practice.  She specializes in the sales use tax and credits and incentives area. Additional promotions included Emily Hall, Matt Moon, Roslyn Erickson, and Shail Shah who were promoted to Director in the Commercial Services Practice, Valuation Services Practice, Operations, and State and Local Tax Practice, respectively with 13 promotions in total. For more information on WTAS San Francisco promotions, please click here.

Five were promoted at WTAS Seattle. Michelle Claussen became a Director in the State & Local Tax Services Practice. Other promotions include a Senior Manager: Chris Stephen; Manager: Robert Wood; and Senior Associates: Stephanie Tuttle, and Aaron Jacobs. For more information on WTAS Seattle promotions, please click here.

In Washington, D.C., Jennifer Stone was promoted to Managing Director as part of the Private Client Services practice. Additionally, Sandie Mullikin, Eric Sanders and Trevor Hancock were promoted to Senior Managers while Sean Beznicki became a Senior Associate. For more information on WTAS Washington, D.C. promotions, please click here.

WTAS West Palm Beach announced three promotions in the West Palm Beach office including Jennifer Williams to Director in the Private Client Services Practice, Lindsey Gerlock to Manager and Katie Smith to Senior Associate. For more information on WTAS West Palm Beach promotions, please click here.