Q2 2018 Newsletter


Tax Law Changes Create New Opportunities to Obtain a Tax Basis Step-up in the Assets of an Acquired Corporation

Growth through acquisitions is a key component of many organizations’ business strategy. ... read more


Determining the Fair Market Value of Insurance Policies

A life insurance policy is an asset with many unique characteristics. ... read more


Qualified Small Business Stock – Navigating Potential Traps and Ways Around Them

The Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) exemption is an often misunderstood and under-utilized gem in the tax law. ... read more


Asset Allocation: A Disciplined Approach in Volatile Markets

Since the Great Recession lows in 2009, U.S. equity markets have seen a nearly unprecedented run, rivaling the longest bull market in the 1990s. ... read more


What is this Stuff? Tax Planning Considerations for Investors in Virtual Currency

Virtual currency (or cryptocurrency) trading has captured the attention of private investors and seems to be more than a passing fad. ... read more





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