Q3 2017 Newsletter


Plan Before a Change in Control to Avoid Excess Golden Parachute Payments

Golden parachute payments often occur when a company undergoes a change in control. ... read more


Flying Private: A Common Business Expense?

As the cost, inconvenience and security concerns of commercial flights continue to grow, many individuals and companies find that the use of a private aircraft provides a better, more efficient form of transportation for business travel. ... read more


Founders and Execs Beware Part 1: The Options for Options Costly Tax Trap

Young companies often offer stock options to a prospective executive team in order to attract and retain them, as well as motivate them to drive the business to success. ... read more


IRS Launches Initial Compliance Campaign Objectives: Part 2

In For the Record: IRS Launches Initial Compliance Campaign Objectives, the 13 initial income tax compliance campaigns announced by IRS are discussed.... read more


First-Time Compliance with the R&D Payroll Credit

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act) made permanent the federal Credit for Increasing Research Activities (Research Credit). It also expanded benefits to allow qualified small businesses to elect to designate up to $250,000 of the Research Credit as an offset to the employer’s contribution to social security tax (Payroll Credit)... read more





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