Andersen Tax

Integrated Compliance & Planning

We view tax return preparation as an opportunity. Year after year, our clients are pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that arise in the course of tax return preparation. Our proprietary methodology is designed not only to ensure accuracy, but also to identify tax saving opportunities that benefit our clients.

Andersen Tax uses a cutting-edge, forward-looking approach and we have extensive experience in assisting with personal income tax matters including:

  • Quarterly tax projections structured to ensure timely filings, protect against interest and penalties, and facilitate cash-flow management
  • An emphasis on multi-year tax planning to minimize the alternative minimum tax as well as adverse effects of tax rate volatility
  • Representation and support in federal or state tax audits
  • Extensive experience in corporate executive counseling and planning, including retirement analysis, stock options and benefits
  • Compensation planning including deferred compensation, evaluating non-qualified deferred compensation plan considerations and planning for carried interests
  • Identification of tax-efficient opportunities for diversification of single stock concentrations
  • Multistate individual taxation including residency issues, income-sourcing, and mitigation of state and local taxes
  • Increasing tax benefits available for making charitable gifts
  • Integration of income tax planning and compliance for partnership, corporate, and charitable entities so that all services are coordinated with an awareness of your overall tax and financial situation