Andersen Tax

Real Estate

Andersen Tax offers comprehensive real estate valuation with thorough, independent analyses together with superior client service and responsiveness. We provide deliverables that surpass quantitative modeling to document the “story” behind the piece of land or building being valued. 

Our appraisals are used for a variety of purposes including financial reporting, gift and estate tax planning, bankruptcy proceedings, litigation support and mortgage lending.

Clients who require appraisals of multiple properties face the challenge of engaging with multiple appraisers to accomplish this task. Working with various firms can lead to inconsistencies in terms of valuation methodology. Andersen Tax is frequently engaged to perform engagements featuring multiple properties and will deliver a consistent, timely, and easily understood product. 

Andersen Tax's real estate services also extend to conservation easements. To quantify the donation value of a conservation easement, our appraisers employ a “before and after” valuation methodology. Our team holds many qualifications for real estate valuation services including the following: 

  • Successful completion of AI/ASA/ASFMRA Conservation Easement Registry Program
  • MAI and CFA-designated appraisers
  • Extensive database of California “before and after” land sales
  • Participation in Appraisal Institute – IRS valuation conferences
  • Summit panels with IRS agents on conservation easement valuation issues