Andersen Tax

Asset & Credit Practice

Andersen Tax has an exceptional team of tax professionals that specialize in the asset and credit practice including research tax credit studies, cost segregation studies, fixed asset reviews and software development cost analysis.

Research Tax Credit Study

Andersen Tax research tax credit (RTC) studies can generate significant tax benefits by providing federal and/or state tax credits to companies performing eligible research activities. The RTC provides a non-refundable tax credit to small-, mid- and large-cap companies performing domestic research and/or development activities, which can be used to offset income tax liability. Andersen Tax provides solutions that may significantly reduce tax liability, reduce ETR and increase EPS, while ensuring the proper documentation is in place to support the tax position under IRS audit for our RTC studies.

Cost Segregation Study

An Andersen Tax cost segregation study (CSS) can generate significant tax benefits by accelerating the depreciation deductions for your new, existing, or purchased real estate or leasehold improvements. By coupling our team’s engineering and accounting experience we can help your company maximize the amount of personal property that can be reclassified from real property. This tax deferral strategy can result in reduced federal (and some state) taxes, as well as increased cash flow. Reducing real property basis can also create a permanent tax benefit by reducing state and local property taxes.

Fixed Asset Review

The objective of the Andersen Tax fixed asset review is to maximize tax depreciation deductions and increase cash flow. It is a challenge for companies to keep up with constantly changing tax rules and court cases that affect asset depreciation methods based on the classification of property. The analysis that Andersen Tax performs focuses on uncovering missed depreciation deductions and ensuring that these deductions are captured and taken into account on your company’s current tax return filing. In addition, a fixed asset review can help your company clean up its fixed asset ledger thereby helping to mitigate audit risks.