Andersen Tax

Private Wealth

Success brings a wide variety of complex challenges.

Andersen Tax offers the objective expertise and wisdom necessary to help you effectively navigate the complexities of your wealth. We provide unique solutions to address your taxes, financial and estate planning, and personal accounting needs.

When you are accumulating wealth, it’s not just how much you make but how much you keep that matters. We offer a comprehensive range of tax services to help our clients increase after-tax returns on private wealth. Whatever the primary source of wealth—private companies, real estate, stock-based compensation or financial investments—we consider each component and develop integrated strategies to minimize the impact of taxes. Our expertise will help you deal with the wide variety of taxes that can diminish your returns from private wealth across generations: federal and state income taxes; estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes; Medicare and social security taxes; and even property, sales and use taxes.

We do much more than just give advice, we roll up our sleeves and assist our clients in managing their complex financial lives. We objectively evaluate the financial services you receive so that you can make effective decisions. We also provide unique and customized accounting solutions designed for the special needs of families and family offices.

Most importantly, our seasoned professionals deliver the services you need with the highest standards of objectivity, integrity and professionalism. Our single-minded purpose is to help develop and implement the solutions that are right for you and your family.

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