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State & Local Taxation

The state and local tax landscape has changed drastically over the past few years. No longer is state and local tax policy administered through informal channels and in cooperation with neighboring states. The states now operate in a very competitive environment juggling job growth, fiscal demands, changing ways of doing business and the mobility of their respective tax bases. The result is a complex state tax environment .

Multiply the complexity by 50 different taxing schemes, encompassing 15-20 taxes each, as well as municipalities. It is a system fraught with multiple taxation, complex technical issues and burdensome compliance requirements.

Our state and local tax (SALT) professionals understand the dynamic state and local tax environment. We assist our clients in navigating this complex system of taxation for permanent, recurring savings as well as tax deferral, while ensuring the effective management of risk. We view our role to be that of an advocate for our client, helping to educate, minimize and comply in this complex arena.

Andersen Tax can assist with all areas of state and local taxation including:

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