Andersen Tax

Alternative Investment Fund Principals

Our experience ranges across family partnerships, private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, venture capital funds and fund of funds.

Andersen Tax is unique with respect to our deep expertise with all of the stakeholders in a fund: the fund, general partner, portfolio companies, individual principals and the fund investor. Our comprehensive, practical approach focuses on both the funds and the partners, providing value-added planning along with practical solutions to the administrative complexities of funds.

Andersen Tax does not perform attest services and does not issue financial opinions. We are free from today’s most scrutinized conflicts-of-interest, including audit, research and bond-rating offerings. We have only our clients’ interests in mind.

Andersen Tax's alternative investment fund team provides the following advisory services:

  • Entity structuring
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth transfer planning
  • Charitable planning
  • Tax due diligence
  • Valuation services
  • Income tax planning
  • Cross border consulting
  • Compensation planning

Andersen Tax's alternative investment fund team provides the following accounting services:

  • Maintenance of schedule of
    partners’ capital
  • Computation of capital calls and
    preparation of capital call notices
  • Allocation of partnership net
    income (loss) to partners
  • Allocation of management fees
    and other expenses
  • Accounting for distributions,
    including calculation of carry
  • Accounting for investments in
    portfolio companies
  • Marking investments to current estimated market value
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
    and recording of resulting journal entries
  • Maintenance of general ledger
  • Quarterly financial reporting to
  • Preparation of audit schedules, as requested
  • Interface with outside auditors
  • Preparation of checks for
    management company
  • Preparation of checks for
    partner distributions
  • Processing of cash deposits
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