Andersen Tax

International Tax Consulting & Compliance

Many business owners or entrepreneurs are facing the question of whether or not to participate in foreign investments and/or operations. The international marketplace is complex and no two situations are alike. Because closely-held business owners have a wide variety of structuring alternatives available to them, it is crucial to select a tax advisor that has competency in not only the commercial area, but also the individual practice area to ensure the best possible advice.

Andersen Tax provides comprehensive solutions to international tax and wealth issues facing today’s increasing population of global high net worth individuals. To help these clients, we understand and provide advice on the tax aspects of a range of situations.

Foreign Investment by U.S. Persons

  • Creating foreign investment entities
  • Analysis of foreign investments held by U.S. persons to identify applicability of anti-deferral (i.e., controlled foreign corporation (CFC) or passive foreign investment company (PFIC)) rules

U.S. Investments by Non-Resident Aliens and Non-U.S. Families

  • Investing in U.S.-based assets (e.g., U.S. real estate and other)
  • Investing in the U.S. through non-U.S. entities
  • Investing in venture capital

Planning for the Business Owner & Entrepreneur

  • Tax planning for U.S. inbound and outbound residents
  • Comprehensive executive financial counseling
  • Planning for departure/expatriation from the U.S. (i.e., relinquishing green card or citizenship)
  • Estate planning with global assets
  • Estate planning with non-U.S. citizen spouses
  • Planning for foreign nationals investing in the U.S.
  • Life insurance planning