Andersen Tax

Machinery and Equipment

Andersen Tax’s fixed-asset valuation group provides valuations of machinery and equipment for tax planning, financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions, ASC Topic 360 impairment studies, due diligence, asset-based lending, charitable contributions, ad valorem tax, and estate planning purposes. 

Our experience in appraising machinery and equipment extends to a wide variety of industries including automobile manufacturing, food processing, metal working, plastic-injection molding, printing, agriculture, recycling, medical, hi-tech, bio-tech, rolling stock, construction, semiconductor manufacturing, crystal growing, printed circuit boards, broadcasting, telecommunication, textile equipment, wineries, newspaper, restaurants, professional culinary institutes, sports leagues, retail trade, hotel furnishings, and many other industries.

Andersen Tax appraisers hold designations through the American Society of Appraisers and have the knowledge and experience to appraise your fixed assets. We can also assist with fixed-asset management, cleaning up old asset lists, removing phantom assets and inventorying assets.

Additionally, Andersen Tax assists taxpayers in the IRS-recognized technique of cost segregation