Andersen Tax

Wineries and Vineyards

Appraising your wine business or property can be challenging, but understanding the value of your asset is vital, especially if you plan to scale in size, or to sell. The value of property, the vines, the products at various stages of production, the brands, and other assets are unique in an industry where the farmer may also be the manufacturer, marketer and retailer. Andersen Tax has helped wine businesses throughout California and other regions successfully value their businesses and properties for purposes such as estate and gift tax planning, buy-sell agreement transactions, tax and financial reporting, income tax planning, litigation, and divorce. 

The valuation of a winery includes analysis of numerous factors. Some of the key driving factors include: strength of wine trademarks and trade names; market position; channels of distribution; wine market conditions; broader economic conditions; historical, current, and projected financial performance of the winery; historical and current ratings from wine critics; an ownership of vineyards and other real estate, as well as tangible assets including inventory. 

Andersen Tax has significant experience with regard to the valuation issues related to vineyard property and wineries (including appellation values), as well as the related accounting method changes. Additionally, Andersen Tax professionals hold many qualifications for conservation easements including the following: 

  • Successful completion of AI/ASA/ASFMRA  Conservation Easement Registry Program
  • MAI-, ASA-, and CFA-designated appraisers
  • Participation on Appraisal Institute IRS Valuation Summit panels with IRS agents on conservation easement valuation issues