Andersen Tax

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business owners and entrepreneurs choose Andersen Tax because of our unique position in the market. We have the ability and sophistication to handle both your personal tax and wealth planning needs as well as the tax advisory needs of your business. These goals work hand in hand—and so do we. The expertise of our private client services team adds significant value to you, the business owner, while our commercial services team provides unmatched quality advice and planning to your business entity. We integrate individual income tax planning and compliance with partnership, commercial and charitable entities so that all services are coordinated to achieve the best results for your overall tax and financial situation.

We add superior focus, creativity and technical competence to your business tax planning needs, with particular benefits in those situations characterized by any of the following:

  • Businesses owned in pass-through entities where the taxation of the business is determined on the owners’ tax returns
  • Businesses in which the owners have engaged or plan to engage in sophisticated estate planning to maintain ownership of the business within the family
  • Businesses with significant cash flow and enterprise value
  • Businesses in industries in which the tax code provides unique accounting method requirements and tax incentives (e.g., agriculture and real estate)
  • Businesses in which the owners are motivated to engage in sophisticated tax planning
  • Industries that require significant capital investments (e.g., manufacturing)
  • Companies in which financial statement audits are a secondary priority to tax planning
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