Andersen Tax

Compliance & Operations

Regardless of the size or nature of your business—whether you outsource your company’s tax function or keep it in house—accurate and efficient tax reporting and compliance are critical to your business. 

Andersen Tax's experienced professionals can help your business optimize its tax processes and structures, meet tax compliance requirements on time and avoid tax penalties.

Andersen Tax provides the following services:

Tax Return Preparation

Assist in preparing complex or data-intensive federal and state tax returns including complex book/tax difference calculations. We assist in identifying and preparing tax adjustments for deriving taxable income.

Tax Return Review

Review and sign final federal and state tax returns as prepared by in-house resources.

Other Return Preparation

Prepare short period returns due to acquisitions or divestitures, as well as partnership returns.

Estimated Taxes/Extension Work

Review or prepare federal and state quarterly estimated tax payment calculations, as well as year-end extension calculations.

IRS Audit Support

Provide support and assistance during the tax examination or appeals process, including: gathering data to respond to IRS information document requests; preparation of responses to tax authorities; and coordination with tax examiners.

Tax Provision Assistance

Assist in preparing interim and annual tax provisions. Provision computations may be leveraged for preparation of quarterly estimates and extension payments. Andersen Tax assists with special projects including: uncertain tax position consulting; financial statement carve-out support; tax basis balance sheet support; deferred tax validation projects; remediation and restatement assistance; and other issue-based tax consulting.

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